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About: Rotary Compressor Services

Rotary Compressor Services have been specializing in the Compressor industry since the late 1980's, making us a market leader in the industry.

Having gained a wealth of experience and knowledge of the compressed air industry both locally and internationally, enabling us the opportunity to offer superior service to our clients.

Most of Rotary Compressor Services clients having been with us since our inception and we pride our selves in our quality standards, efficiency and quick response to any compressor related service, ranging from - Services, Repairs, Maintenance, Refurbishing, Installations and Pressure Vessel inspections to a wide range of compressors ie: Rotary, Vane and Screw compressors.

We stock a large variety of Atlas Copco, Ingersol Rand and Hertz spare parts including new plus refurbished equipment.

Parts supplied are genuine original replacement parts where available.

Rotary Compressor Services carry a one year warranty on overhauled elements providing the Service and Maintenance for a set period is completed by our staff. All other services & Repairs carry a 3 month warranty.

At Rotary Compressor Services, we hold a R2 million inventory. Should we not carry any part or unit requested, we will endeavour to source it at a competitive price.

A shortened list of current clientelle that rely on Rotary Compressor Services competency:

Compact Disk Technologies , Transpaco, Early Bird Farms, Mining Pressure Systems, Sasol Polyfin, THT Tool Room Services, Hendor Mining Supplies, Andru Mining, Gold Reef City, Capstone Blasting, Metso Minerals and Printbind to name but a few.

Hertz Kompressoren

Kompressoren is the premium brand of Dalgakiran Group Company, one of the leading air compressor producers in the world, to develop a truly international compressed air Sales & Service network worldwide.

Hertz Kompressoren is always strivingto create and produce products of the highest quality at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction.

We offer creative, sophisticated, yet pragmatic solutions to our clients for their many challanges. Effectiveness of Hertz Kompressoren depends on technological knowledge and expertise to set up permanent operations in sales & after sale service territories and adapt the local requirements, converting them into opportunities for innovation and development.

Kompressoren applies new technologies that cross traditional scientific disciplines and conventional industrial boundaries to solve product development tasks, thus producing added value for its customers.

Hertz's R&D organization creates the basic elements that make a product both desirable and competitive.

Our activities focus on products and applications that are reliable, self-diagnostic, cost-efficient to operate, and that produce minimal environmental impacts throughout their lifecycles.

The company takes a proactive approach to managing its intellectual and industrial rights through incentive schemes for its employees that encourage innovation and initiative.

A paramount priority in R&D activities to develop and safeguard the company's critical areas of expertise.

Kompressoren's research organization has long-term co-operation agreements with research institutes, engineering
consultants, licensees, and other corporate partners in fields that are of crucial importance to the well-being of society and the conservation of the environment.

Product development is based on effective work process management to ensure that the set targets are reached.

These boundary conditions form the hub of the process around which a reliable and cost-effective product is developed.

The performance of the products and their features are verified through simulations and tests.

Hertz Kompressoren actively develops the compatibility of its products and common technology platforms, as well as designing products that are easy to manufacture.


Top mounted after cooler for efficient cooling and easy cleaning. The top panel is removable allowing easy access to the cooler from the bottom and the top, cabinet disassembly is quick.

Silent operation: Accoustically dampened cabinet design utilizes inteligent design to keep noise inside the cabinet and provide silent and vibration free operation.

Innovative cabinet: Compact european design is both modern and aesthetically pleasing in appearance. Small space requirements mean machine placment is far quicker and easier than before allowing for less down time during machine installation. Powder coated panels are durable and corrosion resisant. A new magnetic panel locking system on the DT models make panel removal and replacement quick and easy further enhancing inspection and service functions.

Practical design: Intelligent design focuses on efficient placement of internal components, allowing for quick and easy replace of service parts and spares.


Worthington has been a supplier of industrial compressors for nearly 170 years.

Today, a full range of spare parts for all Worthington compressors are available to keep these units running reliably and efficiently. Whether you have a large, multi-stage, water-cooled reciprocating compressor (up to 3000 hp), or a single stage, air-cooled reciprocating compressor (down to 25 hp) you can rely on supperior quality and workmanship.

If you require Genuine OEM or a complete refurbished compressors, we can assist. Quality is always at the forefront of Worthington and has been fore nearly 17 decades. Worthington Compressors has always been committed to ensuring your facilities are efficient with our products for years to come.



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Rotary Compressor services endeavour to resolve any compressor related enquiries from sales of new or used equipment being sought or presented for resale, maintenance contracts for servicing and repairs on an ongoing basis, to breakdowns and refurbishments.

Our competent team are trained to the highest levels with many years of experience.

With soaring prices and a shortage of well skilled and trained technicians you can be assured of our reliabilty, competetive pricing and quick responce.

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